Wild-Gazeel is one of the four Elite Bosses fought at Level 120.

Recommended Items and Equipment Edit


150 Blueberry Pies(unlock at level 123)

150 Strawberry Cakes(unlock at level 130)

50 Sea Cakes(unlock at level 73)


Cloud Sword(unlock at level 129)

Moon Suit(unlock at level 130)

2 Alloy Chains(unlock at level 78)

Battle Strategy Edit

When the battle starts,immediately use a Strawberry Cake. Heal with Blueberry Pies when Wild-Gazeel attacks until he uses Shock Rain. Whenever he casts this spell,use a Strawberry Cake .If Wild-Gazeel casts Burial Sentence,use a Sea Cake. As long as you keep healing and using the tactics mentioned,you will eventually defeat Wild-Gazeel.

Boss Drop Edit

Blackwater Doberman

+900 attack

+2,900 defence

+4% Critical Hit Chance

-800,000 Income The Blackwater Doberman is one of the two best accessories in the game(the Golden Mistacrab being the other). You can't simply go wrong with +900 attack,+2,900 defence,and +4% Critical Hit Chance.Top players have this accessory equipped due to how it gives a lot of defence and attack-more than any other accessory.

Achievement Edit

Wild Gazeel Hunter

Poach the wild Gazeel (Elite)

See Also Edit

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